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Content License Agreement

License Agreement on  Usage upon the Content of

The following is a law agreement between You and/or client and/or legal entity you represent, hereinafter referred to as “Users” by (PT Rumah Kreatif Nusantara) hereinafter referred to as “Us”. This agreement is a consentment between the User, as licensee and Us as licensor of the Content in website. This Agreement stipulates the rights and obligations with respect to usage license of Our Content.

Prior to payment, the User is recommend to firstly peruse and approve this Agreement. This agreement shall be effective as of the since the user’s approval upon this agreement and the moment when the payment has been made for this content license. We reserve the right to amend this Agreement from time to time, and such amendment of the Agreement shall commence to be effective 7 (seven) calendar days after the same is announced in website. User shall be considered bound by the terms of the Agreement at the time the payment is made.

This agreement will complement the Agreement “Terms of Services” and the “Privacy Policy” that have been made available before and approved by the User when registering and creating an account in website.


1. Content shall be the video shaped digital works in the form of video footage, video series, and short video. The website provides video work that comes with sound (audio) and some are without. The Content also includes metadata information attached to a video work, such as video title, description or synopsis, duration info, video file formats, year of production and including other metadata information.

2. “Audio” in the website shall be a natural sound produced or appearing naturally in the video footage. The audio here shall function as the information complementary ambient over the event in the video footage. The audio shall also be in the form of narrative voice (voice over), source of information interview, and background music. This audio function can be found on video series and short video.

3. “License” shall be the license to use content, where  owners of the content represented by the provides you with right for certain period to use the content, which license has been paid by you under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.

4. “Invoice” shall be the invoice made by us and contain determination over the content that you agree to pay its license fees along with descriptive information on printed date invoice date, the number of content license being paid, content license fee, the duration of license, and the type of usage of the content license. This invoice must be included and be the part of this agreement.

General Conditions for User

1. User has understand that is a website for the promotion and /or providing license on video shaped digital works (content) generated by Us and/or any other party who has given Us permission to promote and/or provide the said Content license in

2. User understands that transactions shall be made in in form of providing license on usage over the  content.

3. General restrictions for User:

a. It is prohibited to the Content other than for license necessity that the User has paid for.

b. It is prohibited to announce and/or reproduce the content beyond the license being given and/or without our approval.

c. It is prohibited to use the Content in the context of pornography, fraud, spread of wrongful facts, or things that are in violation of the applicable laws and regulations.

d. It is prohibited to use Content under tha label of “editorial use only” for commercial purposes.

e. It is prohibited to assign or sublicense the license upon the Content from Us to any party without Our prior written consent.

Representation and Waranty

We, as the Licensor, represent and warrant that we are the authorized party to provide license for use of the Content in the website. We also guarantee that We never and do not and will not give authorization to any party to collect royalty upon the announcement of the Content through any media.


1. For video footage, it is applied the Royalty Free licensing model. The Video footage Content with Royalty Free license, the following provisions shall apply:

a. User may announce and reproduce video footage Content, including but not limited to broadcast and transmit, as well as reproduce, modify, edit and adapt the Content, through any media for commercial purposes.

b. We provide non-exclusive right and without boundaries to User to use the video footage content that User has paid its license fee.

c. License is given for an indefinite validity period (unlimited) as of the date of payment of the license fees received by Us.

2. User is enabled to obtain exclusive license and can be done by a separate agreement. Concerning this matter, the User can contact us via our email contact:

3. While the content of video series and short video, the licensing will be stipulated separately. If the prospective user is interested and wants to use the said Content, the prospective user may contact us by email at:

4. That for the license of Editorial use only, the content of video footage can only be used for reporting or non-commercial use, such as:  news package video, news feature, documentary feature, educational videos, news magazine.

5. In terms of usage of Content license for viewing and/or distribution through video sharing services platform (such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vidio, and other similar platform), the Content concerned cannot be claimed as the full belonging of user and must be included the information on the credit title over the usage of Content license, so that it does not harm other users with the same Content license, unless the user chooses the exclusive Content license for a specified period or for an indefinite period.

License Fee

1. The User agrees to pay the License Fee as set by Us for the use of the big size Content and the method of payment as stated in the information on license fee information.

2. The license fee stated in the shall already include Value Added Tax (VAT). The User will receive a tax invoice for VAT at least 2 x 24 hours after delivery of the invoice. 

3. We are not obligated to pay the license fee (refund), if the Content you have paid cannot be displayed, cannot be listened or not properly functioned. For this matter, you may contact us to request a better Content replacement.


We are fully responsible and hold the User harmless of all matters relating to the claims or demands arising from any party relating to the validity upon the ownership of the Content.

Applicable Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed and implemented in accordance with the prevailing laws in the Republic of Indonesia.

Dispute Resolution

Any dispute relating to this Agreement between the User and Us, which cannot be resolved by deliberation for consensus, will be resolved through the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI) in Jakarta, under the Arbitration Rule of BANI.

Other Provisions

1. In case the User breaches any provision of this agreement, We reserve the right to close the account of User with further notice. We neither oblige to repay the fee that has been paid by User in the event that the account of User is closed under the reason of violation toward the provisions of this agreement.

2. We do not guarantee that the Content the User has chosen will meet the Users’ usage requirements. All risks upon the use over the Content shall be the responsibility of the User.

3. In case the User is known to have used the fake credit card information in doing the transaction with Us, then we can open the information that the User has been provided to us to be followed-up by law enforcement officers.

Last updated: 16 Juni 2017