Indonesian Footage Marketplace

What kind of synergy that we can do?

The increase of audiovisual content necessity from the industry drives us to fulfill these needs. Our various content, from the footage, short video, to video series, are ready to cater your need in delivering your message through audio-visual treatment. 

What kind of support that we can cater for your business, here are some examples:

PR / Advertising Agency 

Our content can become an alternative source for raw material in your audiovisual project, other than shooting. It can also cater your content needs for presentation, media release and other audio visual related needs.

TV Station/Online Media

We’ve been creating video stories since 2002. Video series and short video collection in our collection can cater your media needs for Indonesian culture themed content. You can use our canned product or we can modify our product according to your requirement.

Event Organizer

Your event can use our video content for several occasions, such as expo, festival, a concept video for presentation, and other content related needs.

Educational Institution

Stories with local wisdom and packed with Indonesian culture themes can give extra knowledge for the students. Our footage collection can also be used as raw material for video editing class.